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Medically Assisted Weight Loss

We strive to create an atmosphere of inclusivity and understanding, and our team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals. At Astra, we are passionate about helping you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals in the most effective and safe way.

Medically assisted Weight Loss
Weight loss, medically assisted.
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How to manage my weight loss?

Maintaining a healthy weight can help to reduce the risk of many serious illnesses, including diabetes and heart disease. If you're struggling with your weight, our health clinic may be able to help. Our team of experts offer a variety of treatments and services to support people who are trying to lose weight.


We offer personalized meal plans tailored to each patient's needs, helping to make sure that dietary goals are met. Our team is also available for guidance and support throughout the process. Additionally, we have a wide range of exercise programs designed to help individuals reach their weight loss goals. We can provide advice on lifestyle changes and nutrition counseling as well.

Weight Loss medication
Weight Loss at Astra Healthcare and Wellness
Weight Loss at Astra Healthcare and Wellness

Getting started with losing weight

This can sure be tough, but our team is available to provide the support and motivation needed to stay on track. We also offer regular monitoring of things like body composition and blood pressure to ensure that progress remains steady. With our weight loss management program, you’ll have access to a range of treatments designed for short-term as well as long-term success. Lets look into this as steps.


Step 1: Make a commitment to yourself


This is the first and most important part of any weight loss journey. Make a commitment to yourself that you will follow through with your program. Write down the things you want to achieve and put them someplace where you will see them every day to serve as a commitment to help you stay on track.


Step 2: Understand where you are and where you wanna get to


Write down the things you eat and drink in a journal. This will give you an idea of where your diet needs to change in order to reach your weight loss goals. Understanding your current diet is the first step to making changes that will lead to success. Read those things as a daily reminder to help keep you on track. Next, understand your lifestyle and identify what may cause challenges to your weight loss goals. Track your physical activities from traveling, sleep patterns, and stress levels that will help you understand the challenges ahead.


Step 3: Make changes to your diet


Once you understand what is in your current diet and activities. It's time to start making changes. This may mean adding more fruits and vegetables to your meals or cutting down on sugary drinks. It could also mean increasing the amount of lean proteins in each meal or reducing portion sizes. Whatever the case, it's important to make small, incremental changes in order to create sustainable habits that will help you reach your weight loss goals.


Step 4: Keep Track and set realistic goals


Keeping track of your progress is essential for success. Make sure to periodically weigh in and adjust your plan if necessary. Also, make sure to set realistic goals for yourself that are attainable and measurable. Having a plan for how you will reach your goal can also help keep you motivated on the way there.


Here at our clinic, we are here to support you on your weight loss journey. Our team of experts work with patients each step of the way providing personalized meal plans, advice and information that can make all the difference in achieving success.

Weight Loss managment at Astra Healthcare and Wellness.

What weight loss options are out there?

When losing weight. There are quite a few options to look into from Injectables such as semaglutide, tirzepatide, IV therapy, LipoB injections, multiple oral medications, medical devices, peptides, and surgery. These are some of the most common types of weight loss treatment you would find on the market. They work by reducing hunger or cravings for food, increasing your metabolism, and reducing fat absorption. Speak with your provider to see what works best for you to get you on the track that suits you best.

Weight loss & blood pressure

Our health clinic also offers services to help patients manage their blood pressure. We have a team of experienced medical professionals who can provide personalized advice and guidance on managing blood pressure levels. Our goal is to make sure that our patients are receiving the highest quality care, and we work hard to make sure their needs are met.


We understand the importance of making sure our patients are receiving the best possible care. That's why we strive to provide the most comprehensive services and treatments for weight loss management and blood pressure management. Visit us today to start your journey towards a healthier life!




Living a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight is important for your overall health. Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to achieve significant and sustained weight loss without the help of medical treatments. Here at Astra Healthcare and Wellness clinic. We can provide you with the support and resources needed to reach your desired goals.


Weight loss clinics offer comprehensive plans that are tailored to individual needs, taking into consideration your past medical history and current health condition, to ensure safe and effective weight loss treatments. Our clinic specializes in helping patients manage their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, diabetes and other chronic diseases.



We offer different types of weight loss treatments like diet plans, nutritional counseling, exercise routines, and behavior modifications. We are committed to providing the latest technologies available for long-term successful weight loss. Our team of experts can help you identify and remove any obstacles that may be preventing you from reaching your goals while teaching you the proper strategies to stay on track.


Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your desired weight through a combination of lifestyle changes and medical treatments. With our personalized care and comprehensive support, you can achieve your weight loss goals with confidence. 

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