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IV Therapy

Our team is well-versed in a range of treatments, including IV Therapy, to help you reach your desired level of health and wellness. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable environment that is tailored to your individual needs. At Astra, you will receive the best care possible.

IV Therapy at Astra Healthcare & Wellness in Beloit KS, 67420.
IV Therapy at Astra Healthcare & Wellness in Beloit KS, 67420.
IV Therapy at Astra Healthcare & Wellness in Beloit KS, 67420.

What Is IV Therapy and How Does It Work?

IV therapy is an innovative method of delivering fluids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medications directly into a patient’s body. The process involves inserting a needle into the vein to administer liquid nutrients or medication into the bloodstream. This therapy is often used to treat dehydration, fatigue, vitamin deficiency, cold and flu symptoms, chronic pain, allergies, hormone imbalance, and more.


The process of IV therapy begins with the doctor or medical professional inserting a needle into the patient’s vein in order to deliver a liquid solution containing nutrients, vitamins, minerals or medication. Depending on the type of treatment being administered, the amount of fluid and ingredients may vary. The infusion can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the patient and is designed to provide quick relief from symptoms.

IV Therapy at Astra Healthcare & Wellness in Beloit KS, 67420.
IV Therapy at Astra Healthcare & Wellness in Beloit KS, 67420.

How long does IV therapy stay in your system?

IV Therapy is designed to provide lasting benefits, but it doesn't stay in your system forever. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks for the effects of the infusion or concoction to fully leave your body. How long it stays can depend on several factors such as how much you received, what type of substance was infused, and how quickly your body metabolizes it. It’s important to monitor your body and symptoms after receiving an IV Therapy infusion, especially if you have any serious medical conditions. Suppose you feel the effects of the infusions wearing off sooner than expected. Contact your doctor for a follow-up appointment. With proper attention and care, you can ensure that the effects of your IV Therapy infusion last as long as they should.


With years of experience and an extensive selection of infusions, IV Therapy offers a range of treatments that can help improve physical health, mental clarity, and overall well-being. So don’t forget to schedule regular follow-up appointments with your doctor to make sure you get the most out of your IV Therapy treatments. And remember, the effects of your infusions will eventually leave your system – but they won’t be forgotten!


For more information on how long IV Therapy stays in your system, reach out to an expert at IV Therapy today! We'll help you find the best options for total body wellness.

Are IV hydration therapy and IV vitamin therapy safe?

IV Therapy at Astra Healthcare & Wellness in Beloit KS, 67420.

Is IV Therapy safe?

Yes! IV Therapy is a safe and effective way to replenish your body’s fluids, vitamins, minerals, and other concoctions. Depending on the type of infusion you receive, the ingredients may stay in your system from one day up to several days. Generally speaking, small molecules such as electrolytes are rapidly cleared from the body within 24 hours whereas larger molecules like vitamins and minerals may remain in the system for up to a few days. The longevity of an infusion also depends on factors such as your body’s absorption rate and metabolism, so it is best to speak with a medical professional if you are curious about how long certain elements will stay in your system after an IV Therapy treatment.


At the end of the day, it is important to remember that IV Therapy can provide a wide range of health benefits. If you are considering trying this treatment, be sure to consult with a medical professional to ensure that you are making the best decision for your health and well-being.


Happy infusion! :)

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