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Alan Curtis at Astra Healthcare and Wellness.

Alan R. Curtis






116 E Main Street.

Beloit Kansas 67420

About Astra

Astra Healthcare & Wellness is dedicated to providing comprehensive health and wellness services to our rural community in Kansas. After years of living in the busy city, we wanted to reconnect with our farm-grown roots by founding a practice that fulfills the primary care and wellness procedures of the rural community without leaving the area.

We provide a comprehensive range of primary care services to our patients, including routine wellness exams, urgent care, assisted medical weight loss and more. To further service our community, we offer specialized aesthetic and wellness services such as Botox and other neurotoxins that empowers patients to look and feel their best.

More About Alan 

Alan Curtis was raised on a farm in Smith Center, Kansas. He became an ICU nurse in 2002 and worked in medium to large ICU’s in Lincoln Nebraska, Las Vegas Nevada, Cincinnati Ohio, and Denver Colorado. In 2016 he started the Primary Care Nurse Practitioner program at Walden University. He completed his clinical rotations in Denver and moved to Beloit in 2019 to work with Dr. Banker in the general surgery department.

His desire to move back to rural Kansas drove his decision to move to Beloit. Astra Healthcare and Wellness was a project he had been thinking about for years. The company intends to improve access to primary care in Mitchell County and surrounding areas. He chose the name Astra as his name to represent the Kansas motto of: “ad Astra per Aspera”.


Alan Curtis is a people person who enjoys getting to know new people and spending time with family. He has a love for nature, wildlife, and almost all pets. His mother and father were a source of inspiration for him when he started thinking about opening his own clinic.

“I really love the people of Beloit and the other local communities, so I think I have skills and the opportunity to help these communities. Rural communities have so much to offer this great country but are still medically underserved. I hope to contribute to the betterment of this community and to the downtown area of Beloit. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.”

- Alan R. Curtis

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